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Download GBWhatsApp APK Latest Version (Anti-Ban)

Download GBWhatsApp APK’s latest version now and enjoy its amazing features that are not present in any other App. GBWhatsApp is an instant messaging app in this World. This App has become more popular among users in recent years because of its wide range of extra features and new functions. It is a modified App of official WhatsApp. You can download this App from a third-party website. This App is not affiliated with the original WhatsApp.

Download GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version

Download GBWhatsApp For Safely File Share

The first benefit of GBWhatsApp is increased file size limits. Through this APK, sending high-quality multimedia content to friends and groups is easier.

You can share documents up to 100 MB. This App is helpful for students and small businesses.  GBWhatsApp users can send videos up to 50 MB.

Download GBWhatsApp For More Customization Feature

The second advantage of this App is the customization option. This App allows its users to change the font style. You can change the theme and color according to your choice.

Download GBWhatsApp for Privacy Control

Another option is available to its users to set the privacy setting. You can hide your voice recorder, online presence, double tick and blue tick, and typing status. An extra layer of privacy is added to this App. You can lock this Application with a PIN, password, and fingerprint. If you add a Fingerprint lock on GBWhatsApp no one can access your WhatsApp chat. 

The Best Message Scheduler

This App is becoming more popular because of its unique and astonishing features. You can now send messages to unsaved contacts. If you want to schedule a message, you can create your own scheduled messages, like birthday and anniversary wishes. You can just tap on the contact and type the message, then set the date and time, and that is all. You can download GBWhatsApp for the message schedule.

Anti-Delete For Everyone

The anti-revoke option is available in this App. If a sender tries to delete a message on the Recipient’s end then the anti-revoke feature will prevent that message from the Recipient’s end.

Do Not Disturb (DND)

The DND mode of this App is another new feature. Through this Do Not Disturb feature, You can turn off your internet connection on GBWhatsapp while other Apps keep functioning. If users want to avoid any distractions then this feature will be helpful for those users.

Download GBWhatsApp For User Friendly

This App is easy to use and also user-friendly. GB WhatsApp is the most popular App in this modern era which makes the communication system so easy. You can communicate with your loved ones who are sitting miles away from you by making audio calls, video calls, voice messages, and text messages. 


GBWhatsApp provides a wide range of modded features unavailable on original WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp provides its users with a change of language option and also changes the font style. If you want to use this App then you should install or download GBWhatsApp from a reputable website and use it at your own risk.