GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download Latest Version for Android

Version: 17.85 | Size: 72 MB

GBWhatsApp Pro is the modified version of Official WhatsApp. Download the latest version of GBWhatsApp Pro from here. This mod version of WhatsApp offers unique and useful features that are unavailable on the official WhatsApp. Various names like GBWA, GBWA Pro, GB Plus, and more also know it.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Logo

Key Highlights

Finger Print Lock

DND Mode

Microphone Setting

Icon Change

Online Show

Auto Reply

Blue Tick

Live Location

Anti-Ban Service

Save Status

Theme & Fonts

Double Tick

Scheduling Messages

Disable Call

Typing Status

What is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is the modified and new version of the original WhatsApp messaging App. In this APK, some advanced and extra features are available that are not present in the original WhatsApp. Third-party developers develop it. Some of these features include the ability to hide online status and manage multiple accounts on the same device.

With the advancement of technology, communication systems are becoming easier and more convenient. It is an easy way to connect with others through this App. You can make voice calls, or video calls with minimal data usage, and text messages and voice notes are other useful features of GB WhatsApp.

By using this App, you can set a schedule message for a specific date and time. You can add contacts to it. For privacy and security, You can lock your chat with a PIN, password, or Fingerprint. You can download or save any WhatsApp story on your phone.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro APK?

GBWhatsApp is the latest and pro version of WhatsApp for Android devices. It is a modified version of WhatsApp with advanced features and customization options that are not present in Official WhatsApp. This App allows extra features like DND Mode, Auto-reply, High Capacity File Sharing, download Status, hide double tick, hide online Status, Add Contacts and many more.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Hide media from gallery, restart WhastApp, Message a number, payments options

You can make a group with your friends, family members, and colleagues to connect. A new feature of GBWhatsApp Pro APK is end-to-end encryption, which means your conversation will remain private and secure between you and the recipient. You can edit messages sent on WhatsApp.

Why is GBWhatsApp Pro APK?

GBWhatsApp Pro is the best version of WhatsApp because all new features are available in this modified version. We can send images, videos, voice notes, and files in just one second. In this APK, exclusive features are available, such as DND Mode, Anti-ban, edit sent messageschat-theme and wallpapers, multi-user functionality, and many more. You can use multiple accounts on the same Android device by using different numbers.

You don’t need to install any status-saver applications in this latest version. You can directly save others’ statuses without any other saver apps. You can hide your online status, type or compose a message status, and freeze your last seen status. You can turn on or off the call option for any specific person. Through this App, You can change the appearance of the interface. These features make it distinguishable from the normal version of WhatsApp.

New Features In GBWhatsApp Pro

You can now react to messages with emojis in your contacts and groups. These Emojis allow its users to quickly respond to messages by just pressing on the message, and emojis will show below the message. New emojis have been added to this app to make user communication more dynamic and expressive. 

GBWhatsApp New Features

Six emojis are Thumbs up, red heart, Person with folded hands, Face with tears of joy, Face with open mouth, and crying Face. You can also add more emojis according to your choice. When you start GBWhatsApp, you will never return to the official version.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Details

It’s considered the best number 1 messaging App because it makes communication easier. In this App, extra privacy is available but not present in the original WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp Pro APK Allows you to hide double blue tick marks, which means you read the sender’s messages. You can also hide your last seen on this App. You can now make a group using this App.

GBWhatsApp Pro APK Logo
NameGBWhatsApp Pro
Size72 MB
DevelopedAtnfas Hoak
Updated1 Days Ago

GBWhatsApp Pro Vs. WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Pro APK was developed by a third party, and GBWhatsApp is not available on Playstore. Jam Koum and Brian Acton developed the official WhatsApp APK. GB WhatsApp provides additional customization features, while WhatsApp allows limited customization features to its users. Through GBWhatsApp, You can share large media files, while Through WhatsApp, you can send limited media files. Differences between GBWhatsApp Pro Vs. WhatsApp are below

FeaturesGBWhatsApp Pro APKWhatsApp APK
Send Larger FilesYesNo
Hide Online StatusYesNo
Status SaverYesNo
Airplane ModeYesNo
Custom FontYesNo
Anti-Delete Status/MessagesYesNo
Themes SupportedYesNo
Icon ChangeYesNo
Forwarding LimitUnlimited Chats5 Chats
Freeze Last SeenYesNo
File Sharing Limit999 MB100 MB
Security LockYesNo
Status Length255139
Auto MessageYesNo
Disable Forwarded TagsYesNo
DND ModeYesNo
Schedule MessagesYesNo

Main Features

GBWhatsApp is a modified App with additional features. Get the updated version of the GBWhatsApp Pro APK for Android devices and enjoy its enhanced features. Third-party developers have developed this App with a few enhancements. Within the App, you can send your live location to your family, colleagues, or friends.

GBWhatsApp is one of the first pro applications for your Android devices, providing the most qualitative features. The GBWhatsApp app mainly includes theme customization, app lock and security, and large media sharing. It also provides Advanced Notification, chat backup, and restoration.

Download Status

Firstly, You can save the image or video status of others without using any third App. You can download any status from your contact list.

Send Location

Through this modded App, you can share your live location with anyone who has experienced any mishap.

Instant Connection Without Saving the Number

By using this app, you can send messages without saving the number on your phone.

Turn-Off Blue Ticks

You can turn off the read-the-text option if you want to read someone’s messages but don’t want to show about it. You can open chat or read their messages, but the sender won’t know that you did it.


This feature allows you to see or read messages that have been deleted from the other side. Suppose any person sends you messages on GBWhatsApp and then deletes them for everyone. You can see or read those messages by default.


The auto-reply option is suitable for those who want to reply on time to friends, colleagues, customers, and clients when they are busy. You can only set some keywords for the auto-replying option.

DND Mode

DND is short for Do Not Disturb. DND Mode is beneficial for those who don’t want any disturbance while using other Apps. It is a built-in feature in APK.

In App-Lock

This APK allows its user to lock this App by using fingerprints or passwords, adding security to this App. It is an extra layer of security and privacy to prevent your chat from those people who have access to your phone.

Hide Last Seen

In the Privacy setting, you can set the last seen turned off. Nobody can see your previous online active status. Even if you turned off your last seen status, you won’t be able to see another person’s last online status either.

Large Content File Sharing

In Addition, You can Share files up to 2 GB at a time using this Pro APK. It is an amazing and helpful feature for collaboration among official groups or small business groups.

Customizable Theme

GBWhatsApp Pro APK allows the users to customize the App appearance with a theme, fonts, and dark and light modes. You can change your font style according to your choice. You can customize the notification icons in it.

Multilingual Or Chat Translation

In this Pro Version, a Chat translation option is also available. Now, you can easily translate your chat into another language. You can interact with anyone without the fear of language difficulties.

Schedule Messages

You have another best option to set your schedule messages on it. You can send birthday wishes or anniversary wishes to your friends and family members by setting keywords or wishes and setting the time, date, and receiver name. You can also schedule your routine or office work for reminders.

Filter messages

This feature allowed its users to clear chat to filter messages. Its purpose is to increase user productivity and reduce distraction. This feature makes user communication more efficient.

Eye Care

At night, you can enable the dark mode or eye care option to protect your eyes. This option is also called dark mode, night mode, or night theme.

Send High-Image Quality

The high-quality image feature is designed to send pictures more clearly without compromising on low quality. This feature aims to save original-quality photos in the best possible way. Now, you can share up to 100 pictures at a time. You can share videos up to 50MB and also send audio files up to 100MB.

Bulk Sender

Additionally, with a single click, You can send messages to multiple people at the same time. This feature is more beneficial for event announcements. 

Alternative Apps

How to Download and Install GBWhatsApp APK?

People are so frustrated about data loss and how they can switch from official WhatsApp to GB WhatsApp. You can easily switch from the normal version of WhatsApp to the mod version of WhatsApp. To download this APK, follow these steps

  • You need enough space to download this App on your Android device with fast internet.
  • It is not available on Google Play Store. Download this App from a malware-free source.
  • It is available on third-party websites. You can download this APK from trusted websites.
  • You can install it from the above download link.
  • Open the settings App, click on the security option, and allow the unknown sources.
  • Your Android device is now ready to install the GBWhatsApp Pro APK file.
  • Click on the download button to download this amazing App.
  • After completing the downloading process, register your phone number.
  • Log in to your WhatsApp account and enjoy its amazing features.
GBWhatsApp Pro APK Download and install  options

How to Update GBWhatsApp Latest Version?

It is necessary to update any App. If any app requires an update, then try to update the previous app version to the latest version because many new features have been introduced in the new version of any app. You can enjoy those new features that have been updated or fixed. You can easily create a backup of your data in it.

  • Click on the link and download the latest version of this APK.
  • Wait for the downloading process to complete.
  • The downloading progress will show on your screen.
  • Now, you can open the APK file from your Apps.
  • You can check the app information version details in your app settings.
  • Your GB WhatsApp has been updated successfully.
    GBWhatsApp Pro APK Update Option

    FAQ About GBWhatsApp APK

    It is a Modified App with several new features.

    Yes, It is safe for installation and download for Android Devices.

    Fingerprint lock is the most secure feature of GBWhatsApp.

    Yes, This App is free.

    No, This is an Ad-free App.

    Yes, We can shift all data from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp

    Sure! We can use GBWhatsApp Pro and Official WhatsApp on the same device with different phone numbers.

    If You send a message to the GBWhatsApp user and then delete the sent message from your side GBWhatsApp user will receive that message.


    I hope you’ve successfully downloaded this APK and enjoyed its enhanced features. GBWhatsApp offers unique and advanced features like theme customization, security and privacy settings, file sharing, notification options, etc. If you could share this unique app with your friends and family, I’d be very thankful. GB WhatsApp also has its positive and negative points.