Edit Sent Messages in GBWhatsApp

WhatsApp is the best instant messaging App but GBWhatsApp is the modified App of original WhatsApp. In this messaging App, many features are available to expand user experience. GBWhatsApp makes the conversation more quick and effective.

Edit Sent Messages in GBWhatsApp

Edit sent messages in GBWhatsapp is another amazing feature. This App is developed by third-party developers. Developers introduce new innovative features in this modified App.

In the Original WhatsApp, You can’t edit your text once you had sent your message on WhatsApp but In GBWhatsApp has introduce this feature. Through this feature. You can Edit your text when you sent your text. After sent your text, you can easily edit your text.

Edit Text Messages on GBWhatsApp

Everyone makes mistakes while typing messages. When that happens, What’s your usual approach to handling it? Do you prefer to correct it right away or just it let be?

Mostly users delete the sent messages for everyone immediately and retype the message again. Most of the time, senders copy the text and then use that copied text for modification. There is no need to do anything with the misspelled or mistakenly sent messages.

Edit Sent Messages in GBWhatsApp ss

GBWhatsApp has came with the editable text feature. Through this feature, You can edit your text. Receiver will only read the text you had edited. Receiver will not be able to see or read the original text you had send mistakenly. There will be show only your edited text.

How to Edit Messages in GBWhatsApp?

To edit any text in GBWhatsApp, Follow these step:

  • Firslt, make sure you have GBWhatsApp Pro APK Latest Version
  • If You are not using the latest version of GBWhatsApp then download the Latest Version of this App from the download Page of Website.
  • After download this App, complete your installation process.
  • Go to the chat section, Open any chat, you want to edit any text.
Screenshot (1)
  • To get this option, long press on the text. Once you long press on the text, many options will show you.
Edit Sent Messages in GBWhatsApp ss
  • In these options, find the edit option and tap on it.
  • Now, You can edit your text according to your desire changes.
Screenshot (2)
  • When you will edit your text then send it with modifications. There will be remain no info about your changes.

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