How to Update WhatsApp Gold APK?

As you know, WhatsApp Gold APK is becoming popular among users due to its extra functions. Two methods are available in this App for How to Update WhatsApp Gold APK.

How to Update Gold WhatsApp APK

Method 1: Direct Update from Menu

  • Click on the Gold WhatsApp
  • Tap on the three dots at the right top corner.
WhatsApp Gold Three Dots
  • Tap on the WhatsApp Gold Update option.
WhatsApp Gold Update
  • It is a very simple method to update the Gold WhatsApp from the official Website.

Method 2: More Options for Update

  • Open the WhatsApp Gold and at the top right corner click on the three dots.
WhatsApp Gold Three Dots
  • Click on the Gold Settings.
Gold Settings
  • After Click on the Gold Settings, Tap on the Update Option.
  • You can easily update the Gold WhatsApp APK.
Update Options

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