How to Block WhatsApp Calls or Video Calls?

Do you know that you can block WhatsApp calls or video calls? This is a built-in feature in WhatsApp. I’ll guide you through the steps to stop receiving calls on WhatsApp, helping you avoid this form of communication if it becomes bothersome for you.

One of the fundamental features of smartphones is making calls. Moreover, thanks to technology, video calls are now accessible to every user through widely-used platforms like WhatsApp. Nevertheless, a significant number of users prefer to avoid calls.

The positive aspect is that it’s quite simple to block WhatsApp calls and video calls. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve that.

How to Block or Avoid Voice or Video Calls?

WhatsApp voice calls or video calls are the two most usable functions among users. These functions enable us to connect with other contacts with minimal usage of mobile data.

Some individuals want to know how to block voice and video calls, while others are enjoying the benefits of these functions.

There are various methods available to block or avoid both calls and video calls.

Block the Contact Number

The simple and easy way to block or avoid voice calls or video calls on WhatsApp. The steps are given below:

  • Open the WhatsApp on Tour device.
  • The three dots icon will show on the right side of the top.
  • Then select the setting option and go to the privacy option.
  • After clicking on the Privacy option, you will see many other options.
  • Tap on the blocked contacts.
  • Then add the contact number in blocked contacts.

When you block a WhatsApp contact, it prevents you from receiving calls and video calls from that user. However, the disadvantage is that you won’t be able to receive messages from them through the platform either.

How to Block Voice Calls Or Video Calls on WhatsApp

Tip and Trick

Many people are unaware of the tricks and tips on how to minimize data usage during calls.

To conserve data usage, WhatsApp provides options to restrict its consumption. To achieve this, simply follow these steps.

  • From the settings menu, select storage and data.
  • Then click on the less data for call.
Storage And Data

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