Gold WhatsApp APK Download v36.00 (2024) Latest Version Updated

WhatsApp Gold APK is the most popular Mod of WhatsApp like ZE WhatsApp, AZ WhatsApp, and JT WhatsApp. It provides many extra functions to its users. Gold WhatsApp includes unique features such as custom themes, enhanced privacy settings, and increased file-sharing limits. Additionally, it enables message resending without the forwarded label enhancing user control and privacy in conversations.


Are you fed up with using the official WhatsApp and its features and looking for something new in WhatsApp? Then this version is for you with some exciting features and interface. The Updated Gold WhatsApp introduced new functionalities like unlimited message views access to view messages repeatedly, visible an offline status while online, and seeing when someone deletes a status or story.


What is WhatsApp Gold APK?

Gold WhatsApp APK is a modified version of Original WhatsApp that offers additional features and customization options. Third-party team developers develop this. This App is completely safe and free. It aims to provide you with extra features that are not available in the official WhatsApp. Additionally, Gold themes are available in Gold WhatsApp.


What’s new in Arabic WhatsApp Gold APK?

Fixed Issues

  • Able to see original Messages
  • Message counter in Group Info Section
  • Message counter in Chat Group for everyone
  • Fixed other small bugs

Features Added

  • The Poll in WhatsApp Groups
  • Added Urdu Language Support
  • At Once Share large multimedia files from WhatsApp to other App
  • Single-click chat bubble feature

Improved Features

  • Translation improvements
  • Anti-ban measure improvements
  • For User Experience, Add the UI of WhatsApp

Enabled Features

  • Leave Group Silently (Only Admins will notify)
  • More Privacy feature
  • Past Group member’s data and history
  • Status Text and UI improved design
  • Drawing from Pen Feature
  • Through a search, filter unread messages
  • Group Admins authority to delete any group member’s text

Top 12 Features of WhatsApp Gold APK

Here are some of the added features commonly found in the WhatsApp Gold APK that might make users consider switching from their regular WhatsApp.

Group Polls

Ability to create polls within group chats to gather opinions or make decisions among members.

Simultaneous Multiple File Sharing:

Send multiple images and other data simultaneously in the community or group chats.

Quick Options via Chat Bubble

Access quick options directly by clicking on the chat bubble, making navigation and actions faster.

Advanced Drawing Pen

Enhanced drawing tools for more precise and detailed drawing within the app.

Video Quality Control

Option to adjust video quality settings according to preferences from within the App’s settings.

Improved Privacy Features

Additional privacy enhancements more than Official WhatsApp offers, ensuring more control over personal information.

Selective Message Visibility

Choose who can view your messages when you’re offline, offering more control over message visibility.

Custom Golden Icon

A unique golden icon for a more visually appealing interface.

Admin Message Removal

Admins can delete messages sent by other participants in group chats.

Secretly Leave Groups

Ability to leave a group without other members being notified, with only the admin being aware of the departure.

View Past Group Participants

Access information about past group participants, including who left the group and when they did so.

Quick Status Reactions

Option to quickly react to a status update, providing a more interactive experience within the App.

How WhatsApp Gold APK makes your life easy?

Gold WhatsApp has many benefits to make the user’s life more easy. By using this APK, the User can control the online status. It allows you to customize settings, message a number, and more privacy control. Users can set video quality, also set auto-reply, and send larger files. You can use dual WhatsApp on the same device by using different numbers. One WhatsApp is used for office purposes and the other WhatsApp is for Personal use.

WhatsApp Gold Auto Reply and Message a number feature

The Gold WhatsApp offers exclusive features such as Voice calls or video calls, Group Calls, Ability to freeze your last seen status, hide blue ticks, double ticks, and large multimedia files at once, anti-delete messages, Download Status, Airplane Mode, and many more.

WhatsApp Gold Airplane Mode Option

How to Download Or Install Gold WhatsApp APK on an Android Phone?

Before downloading, you must know about its advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to download and use a modded version then you need to follow these steps.

  • First of all, You need to download the latest version of Gold WhatsApp from a trusted Website.
  • Go to the Settings and open the Security Setting.
  • Click on the option Install App from Unknown Sources.
  • Click on the Downloaded APK File and tap on the Install option.
  • Wait until the installation process is done.
  • After Completing the Installation process, Complete the registration process.
  • After the registration process, WhatsApp Gold App is ready for use.

You can easily fix the error during installation if you face difficulty.

Gold WhatsApp APK App Info

App NameGold WhatsApp
Size79 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago
App PublisherApp Development Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It is 100% free to use.

Gold WhatsApp is a third-party App So this is not available on the Google Play Store. You can download it from this website.

Gold WhatsApp Provides extra functions that are not available in the official WhatsApp. Gold WhatsApp Offers Anti-revoke, Privacy Control, and many more.


WhatsApp Gold APK is a modified version of WhatsApp that is known for its advanced features. These features include control video quality, Sharing large files, polls in group chats, etc. Additionally, WhatsApp Gold offers multiple account options to enhance user experience. These Apps also include anti-revoke, anti-delete messages, and customizable chat privacy settings. Every App has its Positive and negative points. Know about these positive and negative points.

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