GBWhatsApp Pros And Cons

Before discussing GB WhatsApp’s pros and cons, let’s talk about its advanced features. It is a modified App with enhanced features that are not present in the original WhatsApp. Third-party developers develop it.

GBWhatsApp is the latest messaging app with some features that have been improved. People are using different social Apps. Many people don’t care about the privacy of any App; when something happens wrong with them, they understand privacy. Every App has pros and Cons. GBWhatsApp has also Pros and Cons. GB WhatsApp’s Pros and Cons are discussed below.

GBWhatsApp Pros And Cons

GBWhatsApp Pros

  • GBWhatsApp allows its users to control their privacy. You can set a PIN Password or Fingerprint lock on your WhatsApp. Through this App, You can archive your chat. This chat will show only the archive.
  • You can share large files and also share APK files.
  • With customization theme features, you can modify the appearance to your liking.
  • You can view deleted messages. 
  • You can set auto-reply messages when you cannot reply to those contacting you. 
  • You can always show up online.
  • Ability to freeze last seen 
  • Ability to hide status 
  • You can download or save the status of others without using other status save Apps.
  • You can make a group and set your group name according to you.
  • DND Mode is another amazing feature of GBWhatsApp. You can disable GBWhatsApp from the internet connection while using other Apps.
  • Instead of 30, you can share up to 90 images at a time.
  • You can make a group voice call or video call.
  • You can see your loved ones who are living apart from you.

GBWhatsApp Cons

  • This App is illegal to use.
  • Through this App, the Account may be banned.
  • Personal data leak issue.
  • This App may contain hidden viruses or malware.
  • Messages are not secure. A third party may read your chat.
  • GBWhatsApp does not update automatically like other Apps. You can update this APK manually.
  • Your phone data is not secure because the GBWhatsApp server is not secure.

Final Words

Every App has Pros And Cons. GB WhatsApp’s Pros and Cons are explained above. If You are using a Phone for enjoyment, then you can use modded Apps. If you are using a phone for official purposes and want to use your data store, then you should use Original Apps. If you have decided to use GBWhatsApp, then you should read all instructions and risks. It would help if you tried to download the newest version of GB WhatsApp Pro APK.

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