Add Contacts on GBWhatsApp Pro

People are curious about how to add contacts to GBWhatsApp Pro. It is very easy to add a contact number on GBWhatsapp Pro. By using this GBWhatsApp, You can hide your last seen Status, hide double blue ticks, Schedule Your messages, Auto-reply, change themes and wallpapers, Ability to send high-quality images at once, Download Status without using other App, and many more. Three methods are given below, step by step. How do you add contacts on GBWhatsApp Pro?

Add Contacts in GBWhatsApp Pro

First Method: Add Contacts on GBWhatsApp Pro on the Messages interface

  • Open GBWhatsApp Pro, which is already installed on your device.
  • Click on the + sign that is shown on the right side of the bottom.
  • Click on it, and then many options will show on your screen after pressing the + sign.
  • In the first option, you will see the message icon on your screen.
  • Just click on the message icon on the screen.
  • Then, you will see the three dots on the right side of the screen, and click on the three dots.
  • After clicking on the three dots, the contact option will show on the screen.
  • Click on the contact option, and then fill in the name and number.
  • Then Click on the Save contact number.

Second Method: Add Contacts on GBWhatsApp Pro on WhatsApp Message

Using this method, if an unknown contact number sends you a direct message on WhatsApp. If you have not saved the number on your phone, then you can easily save the number by using this method. A few steps are the same as the above method, but a few steps have been changed in this method.

  • Open the GBWhatsApp Pro and then press on the + icon.
  • After pressing on the +  icon, Press on the message option.
  • Find and open the message you want to store on your phone.
  • You will see the add contact option and block option.
  • Tap the “Add Contact” option, and two choices will be shown on your screen.
  • You can create a new contact or add it to an existing contact.
  • Choose the Existing option to add a contact on GBWhatsApp Pro.
  • To enter a completely new number, choose ‘Add New.’ Enter the person’s name and select ‘Save’ to store the number.

    Third Method: Add Contacts on GBWhatsApp Pro on the New Contact Option

    • Open the GBWhatsApp Pro APK on your device.
    • Click on the + icon and open the message option, and two options will appear on the screen.
    • A new contact option and a new group option will shown on the device.
    • Just tap on the new contact option, put the number and name, and then click on save. 

    Message on a number Without Add Contact List

    Suppose you are in a hurry and don’t want to save the number before sending a message. Then this feature is helpful for you. Just click on the three dots on the right side of the top corner. When you click on the three dots, several options will be displayed. You need to click on the message a number option and put the number on the add number option.

    After entering the number, three options will shown: call, message, and cancel. Press on the message option and two options will appear. Block Or Add. If you want to add this number to your phone, then two options will appear: add to the existing number, create a new contact, and then fill in the first and last name. And save the number easily.

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