GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp both are instant messaging Apps but a few features are different in both Apps.GB WhatsApp and WhatsApp are different regarding security and other features. GBWhatsApp is a modified App that offers some additional features. GBWhatsApp is available for all devices whether you are using an iPhone, android phone, desktop, or MacBook. GBWhatsApp Vs. WhatsApp’s similarities and dissimilarities are given below.

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GBWhatsApp vs WhatsApp Similarities

  • Can make video or voice call
  • Starred Message
  • Make or create groups
  • Group calls audio or video
  • Last seen Hide
  • Share Images, audio, video, voice notes, documentation
  • Status Share easily
  • Share Live Location

GBWhatsapp vs WhatsApp Dissimilarities

  • Hide blue ticks and double ticks in GBWhatsApp but these options are not available in WhatsApp
  • In GBWhatsapp, change Themes. Fonts, Chat Background, Fonts Style, and icons while not present in WhatsApp
  • Use dual accounts while using GBWhatsApp 
  • Also, read deleted messages in GBWhatsApp while In WhatsApp this feature is not available
  • Upload Videos on GBWhatsapp status for more than a minute while in WhatsApp video status limit is 30 seconds.
  • GBWhatsApp allows an auto-reply option while lacking in WhatsApp
  • GBWhatsApp users will receive a notification when any person from their contacts changes their profile picture while this is not present in WhatsApp.
  • GBWhatsApp users can hide pop-up notifications from the main screen.

Things to Consider When Choosing GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp

  • If you want to enjoy additional features like auto-reply, DND mode, and Customization options then GBWhatsApp will be good.
  • If you want more privacy like hiding last seen, double tick, and typing status then GBWhatsApp is a good choice.

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