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Undoubtedly, WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging social Application globally. However, Users always want to get more functions and features to get more hold on chat. You can choose the best mod of WhatsApp according to your choice. WhatsApp Prime APK is the best-modified version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Prime APK offers a wide range of features more than official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Prime APK

WhatsApp Prime APK is the updated version of official WhatsApp. It came with some exciting features that were not present in the original WhatsApp. Third-party App Developers develop this App. Developers have introduced more innovative features in every updated version of the App.

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What is WhatsApp Prime APK?

WhatsApp Prime APK is the latest version of official WhatsApp. It is developed by third-party App Developers to introduce a few exciting and cool features. WhatsApp Prime APK has many advanced features that will make the user messaging experience easy. With this Mod Version of WhatsApp, You will get a lot of functions and customization options compared to the official WhatsApp. You can also try other mods of WhatsApp such as CoocooWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Aero WhatsApp, and Pink WhatsApp.

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WhatsApp Prime APK File Info

App NameWhatsApp Prime APK
Size64 MB
Last Update1 Day Ago
WhatsApp Prime APK Logo

Cool and Exciting Features of WhatsApp Prime APK

This mod version of WhatsApp is becoming popular due to its astonishing features. People are getting bored by using Official WhatsApp. In the official WhatsApp limited features are available but in this modded version of WhatsApp, several features are available for Android phones. This is anti-ban WhatsApp. You can download this App without any charges and get it’s a lot of premium options.

Anti-Freezing Messages

A new feature has been introduced in an updated version of WhatsApp Prime APK. You can send images, voice notes, or messages that will disappear after the receiver reads or sees them once. This is also called the view once feature. Through this feature, the Receiver will not be able to see images or videos or read messages again. Senders can easily protect messages or images by enabling this feature.

Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode is the best option available in the WhatsApp Prime APK. Users can turn off WhatsApp by enabling Airplane Mode on it. Your WhatsApp will be off but you are connected to the internet and you can easily use other Apps without any distractions.

Download or Save Anyone’s Status You like the most

There is no need to request anyone to share his or her status image, video, or story with you. In this WhatsApp APK, a Built-in feature is available to download or save anyone’s status. This is so easy to save the status. On your status chat screen, the Download button is available there. Simply, you just tap on the button and download the status whenever you want.

Conversation Lock

This is another amazing option available in the Prime WhatsApp APK. Now, Users can lock their individual or group chat by using WhatsAppPrime APK. You can set a lock like Pattern, PIN, Password, or Fingerprint for Chat Protection. Through this feature, the user’s chat will remain secure.


Many people face difficulties during a chat with other people in unknown languages but now WhatsApp Prime has introduced a multi-language option. APK WhatsApp Prime APK supports multi-languages to reduce the communication barrier. Within the Chatbox, the User can translate messages in any other language. This Application makes user’s life so easy.

Extended Data Transfer Limit

WhatsApp Prime allows you to send High-Quality images, videos, audio, Word files, Excel sheets, and PDFs without compression While Official WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to send large files. In the WhatsApp Prime APK, You can send 70 MB files with just one click.

How to Download or Install WhatsApp Prime APK on Android Phone?

To Download or install WhatsApp Prime APK, Follow these steps

  • First of all, To install this APK, download the latest version of WhatsApp Prime APK from the above link.
  • After downloading it, Go to the downloads and search the WhatsApp Prime APK File.
  • Click on it and install it on your Android phone.
WhatsApp Prime APK Welcome
  • After installing it, complete all the requirements of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Prime APK Restore option
  • It will ask your phone number, Enter the phone number.
WhatsApp Prime APK verify your phone
  • You will receive the OTP One Time Passcode on your given number.
  • Put the code on it and verify it.
  • After completing the requirements, You will be able to use the WhatsApp Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

This Mod version of WhatsApp is completely free. You can download it from the above-given link.

Yes, You can use it on your Android device. This is 100% safe and secure for use.

Final Words

This Modified version of WhatsApp is amazing due to its several features. These features make the App more reliable for its users. Try this App download its latest version and enjoy its amazing functions. Mostly people prefer mod versions of WhatsApp to take the chat to the next level. Users can change a WhatsApp interface by using the customization option. You can now block unwanted voice calls or video calls by using this App.

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