Auto-Reply in GBWhatsApp

Another amazing feature is the auto-reply in GBWhatsApp. When You receive messages from a sender, you won’t be able to send a reply at the same time due to your busy schedule or routine. The auto-reply feature is helpful for those who want to inform their contacts when they are busy in meeting or traveling. Through the auto-reply option, you can inform others.

Auto Reply On GBWhatsApp

How to Send Auto-Reply in GBWhatsApp

The process of auto-reply in GBWhatsApp is similar to Scheduler messages. This message can be a greeting, information, or text that you want to send. By using this App,users can easily add contacts, Disable Voice and Video Calls. Follow these steps to set the auto-reply in GBWhatsApp.

  • Open the GBWhatsApp, Tap on the three dots in the right corner of the top.
  • After clicking on the three dots, the Auto-reply option will show on the screen.
  • After tapping on the auto-reply, The empty screen will appear on the device.
  • On the right side of the bottom, the + sign will show in the green button.
  • Tap on the +sign in the green button, three options will show.
  • Reply if contains, Reply if equal, Reply to all messages, select one option from three options.
  • Decide what should trigger the automatic reply.
  • A specific keyword or set of words in a message. An exact text or phrase match.
  • Any message received triggers an auto-reply for all messages.
  • Write the text you want to set auto-reply message at a specific time.
  • You can set the receiver option. Three options are contacts, groups, or both.
  • Also, set the start time and end time also.
  • Review your settings and make sure everything is configured correctly.

Once you’ve verified your settings, activate the auto-reply feature. After this, the system will automatically send the predefined reply when the specified conditions are met. You can switch from WhatsApp to GBWhatsApp.

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